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During Production Inspection in Improving Processes and Quality

Role of During Production Inspection

Quality products drive business success. However, defects in products may occur due to human errors or problems with the machinery/equipment. These instances may result in a destabilized production process with products not meeting the customer’s specified quality standards.

Conducting During Production Inspection (DUPRO) helps quantify and determine the level of quality in manufactured products. It helps monitor the techniques used to manufacture products. It also contributes towards uncovering major/minor defects in products before the final product release.

It is important that the person carrying out the During Production Inspection be well trained with thorough knowledge of customer’s expectations and quality standards. Furthermore, During Production Inspection should be considered as an integral part of the production cycle.

What Is the Objective of During Production Inspection?

The objective of performing During Production Inspection is to monitor the production process and include corrective actions wherever required. It is done to avoid delays in the delivery of goods and identify production defects. For example, a During Production Inspection in China will include the evaluation of the partially finished products to maintain consistency in the quality levels of the product.

During Production Inspection is also conducted for the following reasons:

  • To certify the quality of the product manufactured.
  • Facilitate high levels of excellence during product delivery.
  • Identify and categorize defective products.
  • Determine if processes are in line with appropriate quality specifications.
  • Quantify process capabilities at various stages of the manufacturing process.

A proactive production follow-up will also help guarantee smooth collaboration between the customer and supplier to improve the quality of goods delivered. Changes or improvisations in the quality of the product can be accommodated as a part of DUPRO. This helps in avoiding unnecessary loss and rejection after the production is over.

When Should DUPRO Be Conducted?

Performing During Production Inspection depends on the complexities involved in manufacturing the product. The inspection is typically done after beginning production and before completion. The supplier determines the frequency of these checks.

According to the Promotional Product Association International (PPAI), DUPRO inspections are conducted when the production is 15% complete.

The outcome of the inspection should be discussed in detail between the supplier, inspector, and factory management. This will help in devising a corrective action plan to address defects.

What Is Checked-in During Production Inspection?

The inspection includes a detailed assessment of the product to:

  • Find physical imperfections like defects on the texture or interior of the product.
  • Check the quantity of the product in terms of numbers, volume, and weight.
  • Ensure the correct physical dimensions such as length, width, and thickness of the product.
  • Examine the physical appearance like brightness, dullness, and color as per the required specifications.

How Is During Production Inspection a Necessity?

Inspection of goods after production may not serve the purpose. Consider a scenario of a complete order found unsellable just before final shipment. In this case, reworking will consume time resulting in a delay to deliver goods. During Production Inspection helps avoiding delays and loss due to defective products.

DUPRO inspection is useful in the following scenarios:

  • When the production includes a large number of products.
  • If there is a stringent delivery time to adhere.
  • There is a need for detailed reports about production, status, processes, schedules, and materials.

What Are the Advantages of During Production Inspection?

DUPRO is an important part of the production cycle as it is conducted during crucial points of production. Here are a few benefits businesses can realize due to a thorough During Production Inspection.

  • On-time Product Delivery

    As an integral part of the production cycle, DUPRO ensures a high quality of products without impacting the time to deliver.

  • Reduces Wastage and Cost

    DUPRO helps manufacturers have a firm hold on the production process and operations. In the long term, it enables improvement in product quality, thereby reducing defects.

  • Improves Quality Awareness

    By strictly adhering to DUPRO, employees become aware of the quality standards that help achieve superior results based on the product specifications.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    Implementation of DUPRO improves the quality and delivery of products, which results in a satisfied customer base.

  • Boosted Brand Reputation

    Providing quality products that unfailingly adhere to every customer specification enhances the reputation of the brand/business.

  • Elevated Sales

    DUPRO also helps keep up with high product demands, thereby contributing to increased ROI and boosted sales.

How to Get the Most of During Production Inspection? 

A thorough DUPRO inspection should include the following:

  • Appropriate Rework Clause

    DUPRO inspection should include a plan to deal with products that are categorized as defective. The business contract must specify the financial costs that will go into taking corrective action on these products. It should also mention the name of the party that will be bearing these costs.

  • Experienced Inspectors

    The legitimacy of the DUPRO heavily depends on the experience of the designated DUPRO inspector. Ensure that the concerned person has good knowledge of the production cycle and the possible defects that may occur.

Wrap Up

A common assumption is that the initial quality standards are upheld throughout the production process. However, there are instances wherein these may take a miss. During Production, Inspections are highly recommended to maintain consistency in product quality. This sneak peek into the intricacies of During Production Inspections will help businesses understand its significance, thereby motivating them to conduct inspections through a certified third-party authority to maintain quality standards. If you’re looking for first-rate quality control services that will help you uphold the superior standards of your products, feel free to get in touch with us today!