Factory Audit Service in China

factory audit

When working with a new supplier or business partner, it is crucial to scrutinize the effectiveness of their factory quality control system. This is where performing a factory audit, also known as extensive factory audit or manufacturing audit, comes into the picture.

The quality control system of an organization plays a huge role in minimizing risks, thereby determining its success and that of its partners.

Based out of China, Jonble offers factory audit services to provide you with detailed, on-site assessments from professionals with significant experience in this area. We believe flawless and constant communications is key to delivering results according to your expectations.

How Does Jonble Perform Factory Audit Services in China

Our China-based factory quality control procedure begins by conducting thorough due diligence of suppliers. This ensures a dependable partnership, production, R&D, and supply chain.

Our auditor will visit the factory for a detailed assessment of their capabilities, reliability, and legality. Based on the findings and evaluation, a factory rating will be assigned in accordance with the relevant ISO9000 quality management standards.

We will assess the following parameters during our factory audit in China and Asia:

  • Factory Profile (basic information, legitimacy, and trade credit)
  • Human Resource (organization charts and number of employees in each department)
  • Trade Capacity (exports, products, and markets distribution)
  • Production Capability (basic information, and condition of raw material, machinery and equipment)
  • Quality Control (quality control system, certifications, supplier management, and customer complaints handing)
  • Research and Development (engineering, sampling, test equipment)

Why You Need Factory Audit Services in China

Performing factory audit is crucial when you want to:

  • Verify if your supplier is legalized and abides by the contract.
  • Learn about the supplier’s factory size and trading status.
  • Appraise the administrative capabilities of the supplier.
  • Evaluate the production capacity and quality control procedures of the supplier.
  • Learn about other relevant supplier information.


If you have any questions or are looking for further details regarding our quality control services and inspection services in China, leave us a message. We will respond at the earliest.