Product Inspection & Quality Control Service in China

Are you looking for a third party product inspection and quality control agency in China? Look no further. Jonble is the kind of company that provides inspection services in China for foreign buyers. Need such services in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong? Or just Ningbo, Shenzhen? No worries, we cover all provinces and cities in China.


At Jonble, we offer you the guarantee of on-site product inspection and quality control. This keenness begins from assessing the raw material, all through the production process, to the packaging and loading of the finished product. Remember, your customers associate your products with your brand, not the overseas production company you used. It is in your best interest to spare no effort in ensuring that the products are in the best possible quality. Let Jonble be your partner in ensuring customer satisfaction and business success in the long run.
Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

We perform quality inspection of products prior to shipment and ensure conformity to specifications and international safety standards.

During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection

We implement corrective actions at an early stage of production for increased control over risks in the supply chain.

Initial Production Check

Initial Production Check

We thoroughly inspect raw materials, review preparation for production, and corroborate in-house quality control processes.

Full Inspection

Full Inspection

Our quality control services in China entail checking each product and eliminating the defective ones to ensure superior quality.

container inspection

Container Loading Inspection

We ensure finished goods are handled appropriately when loaded into containers to guarantee safe transportation and delivery to the destination market.

sample picking

Sample Picking Service

You will receive actual production samples for approval so you can assess if your quality needs are being fulfilled during production.

factory audit

Factory Audit

We verify if a facility’s quality systems, safety criteria, and capabilities are in keeping with the standards specified by the client.

sourcing agent

Sourcing Agent

We assist by finding genuine manufacturers, following up production, and arranging labels, packaging, free product photos, inspection, shipping to Amazon, and more.

Our Product Lines

Soft/hard line products and consumer goods inspection and quality control are our specialties, and we do cover a lot of other product/services lines. Want to know the cost of our service? Contact us now to get a free price quote today!

We Look Forward to Working with You

Step- 1

Feel free to contact us

You contact us and convey your requirements and specifications.

Step- 2

We reach out within 24 hours

We respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Step- 3

Confirm inspection service

We confirm our quality inspection services in China according to the decided terms and conditions.

Step- 4

Make inspection booking

You book our China-based services by prepaying for the first inspection.

Step- 5

Schedule the inspection

We schedule the quality control inspection for you in one week.

Step- 6

Make the inspection

We conduct the checks and on-site inspections of random samples as per schedule.

Step- 7

Report sent within 24 hours

We email you the detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Step- 8

Follow up & interpret results

We’re here to help you with interpreting results and addressing issues with your supplier aptly.
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If you have any questions or are looking for further details regarding our quality control services and inspection services in China, leave us a message. We will respond at the earliest.