Chinese Products Sourcing Agent in China

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China has a humongous production base. However, when global buyers consider partnering with product manufacturers in China,they struggle to find the right balance between quality and price. In such cases, seeking assistance from a trustworthy China sourcing agent can be immensely beneficial.

With Jonble, you can look forward to comprehensive and transparent services provided by professionals who look out for your best interest.

How Jonble Helps You Import from China

Sourcing products from China is as easy as entrusting our China sourcing agency with the job. We will achieve your goals according to your specifications and requirements.

Trustworthy & Efficient

We are your trusted middleman, who ensure you get the right products at a reasonable price. We will help find an ideal supplier from over 100 manufacturers in China, eliminate the legwork, and minimize the risks involved in working with a new factory.

Sample Delivery

We will send you product samples from different manufacturers so you can make the right choice. We will also help you customize product and packaging samples. Sample and shipping fees may vary.

Production Follow-up

Product manufacturing is usually a long and complex process that can be difficult to track. We will help you follow up and ensure that production is in keeping with your requirements. There will be no upfront charges for this.

Full Support

We assist with market research, quality control, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance, and supplier network development.

An increasing number of international firms are working with product sourcing agencies to fulfil their business’s procurement requirements. It is essential to evaluate criteria such as logistics, risks, quality, intellectual property and more before choosing a sourcing agent. The emphasis is now moving towards sourcing from a low-cost provider with the help of a dependable China sourcing company.


If you have any questions or are looking for further details regarding our quality control services and inspection services in China, leave us a message. We will respond at the earliest.