During Production Inspection Service in China

During Production Inspection

During production or DUPRO inspections are conducted to ensure production quality control when associating with a new manufacturing plant.

Our during production inspections in China & Asia allow buyers to find and address the root cause of defects as they’re occurring so they are corrected immediately. These defects, therefore, do not appear in the final product.

During Production Inspection (DPI) refers to the inspection and testing of products during the production process. This is done when 10% to 60% of the product has been manufactured and is being packaged for export. DPI is also referred to as During Production Check (DPC).

How Does Jonble Perform The During Production Inspection in China

China-based Jonble’s During Production Inspection is the process of physically inspecting random samples of the products on site. This is done by using certain procedures that ensure the products comply with internationally recognized standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1). This is followed by a comprehensive quality assessment of the selected samples.

DUPRO inspections entail performing a series of tests and AQL inspections on the sample, as well as verifying the style, labels and packaging, and tracking production progress.

DPI checks include the following factors:

  • Workmanship
  • Production situation
  • Quantity of finished products
  • Style & colors
  • Artworks & labels
  • Dimensions & weight
  • Shipping marks
  • Packing & packaging
  • Tests (including tests on product function, performance, durability and safety)
  • Client’s requirements

Why You Need During Production Inspection Service in China

DPI is an important part of your supply chain and production quality control. It pinpoints defects and safety hazards in your products even as the production process continues. It also ensures consistency in styles, labels and packaging. Our DPI in China enables you to resolve product issues immediately, thus avoiding expensive costs and waste of time due to rework.

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