Founded on the belief that transparency, collaboration, and flexibility could better support global needs in the inspection arena, Jonble boosts in quality control and assurance. Our company has delivered on a mission to provide practical innovation to the customers all over the world.

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We provide better services for all clients, starting from factory audit to QC Inspections and Product Testing. We are here to ensure the quality and safety of products and processes.

Meanwhile, we maintain a steadfast commitment to our clients’ risk management in China.

Experienced Team

All of our staff are taught and trained with industry-leading technical expertise. We represent you and keep your interests as our first priority.


We make the booking process as easy as it can be. BD responds within 24 hour. Start and stop services at your discretion, with no on-going commitments. Our team will be ready when you need us.

Efficient Feedback

Inspectors are on site of any factory within 48 hours. Detailed online reports are given same day soon after inspection, allowing you to make timely decisions.

Privacy Safety

We strictly utilize the international standards and keep confidential of any trade details.


If you have any questions or are looking for further details regarding our quality control services and inspection services in China, leave us a message. We will respond at the earliest.