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5 ways to reduce risk of ordering from China new supplier

China is well-known for its diverse selection of high-quality products available at competitive prices

Therefore, it is a prime option for international buyers who are looking to import goods.

However, when a buyer first collaborates with a new supplier, it is possible that there will be risks

5 Risks for ordering from new supplier in China

1 The new supplier may be fraudulent.

Although most suppliers are honest and trustworthy, there is still a possibility of encountering fraudulent companies. Despite the very low possibility of encountering fraud, if a buyer does encounter it, the loss could be 100%.

2 The new supplier maybe not direct manufacturing factory

Maybe they are middle man or small unprofessional trading company

3 Poor production capacity

The new supplier might not have enough production capacity. They may also lack sufficient research and development and struggle to meet order requirements on time.

4 Quality issues may arise frequently

Due to cost-saving measures in the factory, inadequate quality management, and communication errors in the production process.

Below problems maybe happen:

incorrect styles, sizes discrepancies, wrong or poor materials, color mismatches, failed testing, packaging risks, and so on

5 Incorrect transportation of goods as per requirements

including shipping the wrong goods, incorrect quantities, packaging issues, and improper container environments.


5 ways to reduce risk of ordering from China new supplier

1 Supplier audit before placing an order

An effective supplier or factory audit can provide the buyer with information :

-valid and legitimate business licenses;

-specific business addresses;

-legal representatives information;

-company staff details;

-factory scale, relevant certificates;

-whether the supplier is the direct manufacturer. If not, both parties should have valid documentation to prove their relationship.

2 Sample confirmation before production:

After factory inspection, confirming the suitability of the supplier and acceptable pricing, sample confirmation is also a crucial step.

It is best to confirm pre-production samples. These include sample styles, materials, colors, size, and accessory brands. It is necessary in order to meet the buyer’s requirements.

3 Agreement on suitable payment terms and delivery dates:

Most international trade transactions use a deposit and balance payment model. According to Jonble Inspection experience, a lower proportion of advance payment generally entails lower risk.

If the final payment has not been made, the buyer has more leverage during inspection. This is especially true if production or quality does not meet the agreed requirements.

4 Quality inspection during production or pre-shipment:

Under normal circumstances, Jonble professional inspection team will conduct the following inspections:

-Product Compliance Check:

Based on the product details, checking list, and golden sample provided by the client, the team will check:

Differences in product style and adherence to production requirements;

Color discrepancies within the same batch of goods;

Consistency of materials with the requirements and the use of inferior materials;

Consistency of the product’s feel with the sample;

Presence of any irritating odors in the product;

-Quantity Check:

The inspector will verify if the goods are produced and properly packaged based on the specifications.

They will also check if the quantity in each carton meets the requirements.

-Packaging Check:

Inspector will assess whether the actual packaging meets the purchaser’s requirements (including packaging materials and methods),

evaluate whether the packaging is strong enough to protect the products from damage.

-Shipping Marking and Printing Check:

The team will inspect for printing errors and the possibility of color fading in the markings.

-On-site Testing:

Testing the product’s functionality and related performance: impact and static load testing for chairs;

functional testing for small household appliances;

safety testing

drop testing for gem earring;

assembly and material hardness testing for tools;


-Size and Weight Testing:

Checking the dimensions and weight of the products, accessories, and packaging, and comparing them to the specified requirements.

-Product Workmanship Check:

Inspecting for dirt, cracks, missing accessories, sharp points, deformed shapes, poor or incorrect printing, damage, rust marks, etc.

If there are no specific requirements, random sampling inspection is usually done to save time and costs. This is in line with the Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) Inspection Standard.

However, for high-quality products, a full inspection will be done. This means inspectors carefully check each product , identify any defects, record them, and give feedback to the buyer. For some goods sold on Amazon, buyer also require full inspection in order to avoid negative reviews

Based on the inspection team’s report, the purchaser communicates with the factory to indicate corrective requirements.

If there are quality issues with the goods, it’s best to schedule a re-inspection. This should happen after the factory confirms that they have fixed the issues found during the previous inspection.

5 Container Loading supervision:

During the loading supervision process, inspector ensure the correct quantity of purchased goods is loaded into the container. Inspector also can evaluate the condition of the container to ensure the safe transportation of goods.

All of the above methods can significantly reduce various risks. Additionally, the service fees are relatively low compared to the purchase amount. Therefore, buyers can choose one or more of these methods based on their actual situation to reduce the risks of their purchases.

As a professional 3rd-party inspection company with years of quality control experience, Jonble evaluates all aspects. This includes supplier/factory audit, sampling, inspection, and loading supervision. Afterward, the company reports to the client with written reports, photos, and videos.

Choosing a reliable third-party inspection agency is a very important and wise choice. This is especially true if importer cannot visit the factory every time. Third-party inspection agancy act as the eyes, hands, nose, and body for buyer.