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The Ins and Outs of QC Services in China

qc services in china

When you purchase products for resale, you need to have the assurance that what you buy will be of high quality. QC services in China will help keep you on top of the quality of your products.

What Is Quality Control?

Before you look more specifically into what QC services can provide to you as a buyer, you need to understand what exactly quality control means. The American Society for Quality explains quality control is the process of ensuring a product meets your standards. It involves many procedures and steps that assess the overall quality of a product against set criteria.

It is important to note that at the heart of QC is inspection. It requires going in-depth to verify the manufacturer makes the product to the highest of standards. It also is a way of looking out for your own interests through using a third-party to ensure the factory functions the way it should throughout the process of producing your goods.

Types of QC Services in China

QC services in China provide a range of assistance to ensure that you get the best possible products. These services include various steps, such as inspections and audits. The goal is always to ensure that you get what you want when you partner with a company in China. It keeps you in charge and in control over what is happening with your products. In the end, through QC services, you can make sure that you’ll put a product on the market of which you can be proud.

While there are many types of QC services, you should focus on getting some specific ones:

  • Inspection services
  • Factory audit
  • Sampling picking

Inspection Services

Inspection is a large part of QC services. It begins with an initial production inspection. This service helps to identify and correct any issues prior to starting production. It can save time and money while ensuring things get off to a good start. Plus, it can stop issues before they impact the overall production timeline.

During production or DUPRO inspections help assure quality throughout production. It enables you to know that quality remains at the highest level and that there are no breakdowns during the process that let inferior products through to the final stages. If an inspector finds an issue, DUPRO also ensures you can get to the heart of what is wrong and fix it before it goes much further.

After production, a full inspection helps to check over products to make sure they meet expectations. It can uncover any issue not found during DUPRO to ensure defective or inferior products do not make it to the shipping phase.

Pre-shipment inspection involves on-site evaluations of containers prior to loading and shipping. It acts as the final check of quality of the products.

Container loading inspection does not involve looking at the quality of the product, but it is just as important as the product inspections. Knowing containers ship properly is imperative to the final delivery of a product that is in good condition and ready to go to consumers.

Factory Audit

A factory audit allows you to know more about the supplier you partner with. This type of QC service is especially helpful when you start working with a new business. It lets you learn about critical aspects that could impact your timeline, budget and overall product quality.

During a factory audit, the auditor visits the factory to assess its operations. The auditor will look for violations of any kind of potential issues that could arise. He or she will rate the factory according to ISO9000 quality management standards.

You will get a complete report covering essential details, such as the production capacity, testing equipment, research, market distribution and legitimacy. You’ll discover issues upfront before you begin to work with the company so that you can make an informed decision about moving forward.

It also gives you a peace of mind when working with a new partner. You will know that it is up to your standards and can provide you with the services you need to produce products that match the quality you want to provide to your customers.

Sampling Picking

Leaving QC in the hands of others may not be the best option. Even if you trust the QC company with which you work, it is always a good idea to get samples so that you have a direct view of what is happening.

Sampling picking services put you in control. You set the requirements for picking samples. The QC company will then get random samples from the factory and package them properly to send to you. This gives you a chance to experience the product hands-on.

You can see for yourself what is happening with quality and overall manufacturing. It lets you have control.

You need to be able to trust it is an accurate sample and that it truly reflects what is happening in the factory. Getting samples straight from the factory without a middleman who can control the sampling process could result in inaccuracy. You may get samples that do not reflect the products that show up when production is complete.

Using a sampling picking service, takes the control away from the factory. It gives you a neutral third-party who collects the sample and provides you with a variety of samples randomly taken. There is no chance for bias or interference in the process, so you can trust the samples you receive to tell the real story about what is happening in the factory.

What Are the Specific Benefits to Importers?

There are some preconceived notions that consumers have about products from China being cheap or badly made. As an importer who is selling products made in China, you need to go above and beyond to show your customers that your products offer the same high quality as those made elsewhere.

Overcoming this hurdle requires excellent quality control services in China. You have to have this process in place to guarantee the products you sell will represent the best value possible for your customers.

Furthermore, competition among Chinese manufacturers is pretty tough. You have a lot of options from whom to buy, so quality control allows you to ensure that you choose smartly.

It lets you find the top manufacturers who take pride in their work and will produce products that meet your impeccable standards. As a whole, quality control is helping to improve the Chinese manufacturing environment and raise standards across the board.

For you, this means that the old stereotypes about products made in China will eventually go away. When you and other companies can show high-quality products coming out of the country, people will no longer associate low-quality with the Made in China label.

The Bottom Line

QC services in China are not optional if you want to run a successful business. You need to invest in these services to benefit your business and your customers.

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