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An Overview of Product Inspection in China

product inspection in china

The Chinese economy is thriving in manufacturing, and the country is now labeled as the world’s factory. With such booming success, it is crucial that every business sourcing goods from the country invest in quality control companies to ensure continued quality production.

Also, businesses have been going global lately, with most of them finding a need to source goods from international markets. It is extremely important, especially for companies contracting suppliers from China, to liaise with product inspection companies like Jonble, to help them ensure that all the products are in good shape before the deal gets closed.

Product Inspection Checklist

Typically, a product inspection process starts by creating a checklist. Every product may have a different list varying in aspects such as the length due to their difference in points of weaknesses.

However, reputable quality inspection agencies can take care of all your product inspections in China regardless of the nature of the items. While it’s true that around 10% of goods bought from stores are returned, which translates to millions of losses, a trustworthy inspection agency works with you to minimize the potential of such losses.

Companies like Jonble value the guiding principles our clients provide and the international quality control standards and will ensure to integrate each one of them in your product checklist.

Most clients in China choose the general inspection levels of Chinese inspection standards. The inspection levels fall into three categories as Level I, Level II, and Level III.

Level III is the most thorough inspection standard for product testing, although the moderate level II is the most commonly used.

Inspections include, but are not limited to, the following checks:

A physical Inspection: Every product must meet the physical requirements, including the weight, color, and other dimensions. Companies ensure that all the products match the measurements described in the customer’s guidelines.

The Visual Check: A visual inspection seeks to identify the visible anomalies in the product. Here, inspection personnel identify dents and scratches, missing parts, or low color quality. Also, requirements such as labeling and marking get inspected during this check.

Functionality Test: The functionality test is meant to ensure your product works as it should. Production inspection companies want to ensure the product will satisfy customers’ needs with functionality testing. The test also includes manipulating the product to see how well it can withstand rough handling and other conditions.

Drop Test: The drop test also seeks to determine how well the product can withstand rough handling. Companies drop the product in its box to see if it is susceptible to breakage during shipping or after a few days of use by the consumer.

Benefits of Product Inspection in China

Outsourcing product inspection to China comes with an array of benefits that stretch beyond receiving quality merchandise. The most important benefit is fostering good consumer relations through delivering quality products. Other benefits include:

Minimizing Costs

Skilled workforce is readily available within China, so product inspection companies can provide a variety of services and at friendly rates. Outsourcing product inspection provides you with a cost-effective way of ascertaining product quality, thereby avoiding unanticipated costs such as return cost or consumer trust loss.

Technical Knowledge

China is a leading technology hub. The technological advancements enable organizations within the country to innovate strategies for working for different industries. Product inspection companies in China can effectively inspect products from different industries, including software, automotive, and aeronautics.

As a manufacturing hub, China hosts companies well versed with different production techniques such as Jonble, which are best suited for Chinese product inspection processes.

Flexibility and Scalability

Scalability is a significant problem for client companies with extensive needs. Most companies’ quality control processes are not scalable, meaning they cannot effectively handle some quality control needs.

However, most Chinese companies work on a contractual basis and serve more than one client at a time. Such businesses can handle many projects simultaneously and can, therefore, address surge requirements effectively.

Experienced Workforce

China is the ‘world’s factory,’ and is endowed with a skilled workforce. Companies like Jonble continuously hire and train employees, creating a pool of experienced and efficient technicians who can effectively carry out the necessary product inspection processes and ensure quality merchandise delivery for their clients.

What Product Inspection Companies Can Do For You

Product inspection companies allow you to lower operational costs while at the same time expanding your market. There are numerous quality control companies in mainland China, but it’s crucial that you choose one with high standards and strict requirements for its workers and facilities.

You want a company that ensures the products you source from Chinese companies meet the Acceptable Quality Limit. Your trusted provider should unearth defects and non-compliance early enough for corrective measures, which means you will have fewer defective goods and reduced wastage of resources on returns.

These measures help you achieve customer satisfaction goals by delivering quality products fast and consistently. Product inspection companies help their clients avoid costly delays in imports by receiving their product inspection certificates and reports more quickly.

Adherence to quality control standards delivers superior products that sell faster, thereby building your reputation and increasing your sales margin.

What is the Cost of a Product Inspection Service in China?

Experienced importers from China know how invaluable a product inspection is and cannot forgo the process. They recognize that the cost of forgoing product inspections can significantly outweigh the cost of the examination.

The inspection cost can be high due to some reasons such as:

  1. The same stock keeping units are usually inspected separately instead of merging them and examining them all together. The separate inspection means more time spent on the checks, and since most companies bill based on the time spent, the cost goes high.
  2. Large AQL sample sizes: Chinese inspections follow the AQL standard, and inspectors decide the appropriate sample size from each stock keeping unit. Having large sample sizes increases the time spent and further increases inspection costs.
  3. Inspectors’ travel costs: Some inspection companies are far away from the manufacturer, and they include their travel costs on your budget, making the entire inspection costly.

However, you can avoid some of these costs by choosing Jonble as your product inspection in China service provider. Jonble covers all provinces and cities in China, so there are no additional transport costs for their inspectors regardless of the factory’s location.


While the Chinese economy continues to prosper in manufacturing, it’s essential to ascertain the products’ quality. In the recent past, some concerns have centered around the quality of Chinese products.

Luckily, reputable companies take care of all quality control concerns for their clients. They follow the international standards and also take into account the buyer’s specifications to ensure you receive flawless products.

We are a leading quality control company based in China that can address your quality control processes, including product inspection. The company provides four primary services, including PSI, commonly known as pre-shipment inspection, PPI, commonly referred to as pre-production inspection, and during production inspection.

Contact Jonble today to learn more about what we offer for product inspection in China.