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Why it is Necessary to Do Pre-shipment Inspection Before Shipping Products to Amazon FBA Warehouse?

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Getting your shipment rejected by Amazon can be a costly experience resulting in huge losses. Amazon has many rules for FBA sellers that they must follow to meet their Terms of Service. Hence, it is essential to ensure world-class quality and compliance when shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouse. And for sellers getting their products from China, dealing with international trade and keeping high-quality standards can be tough.

Therefore, by taking the assistance of pre-shipment inspection services, sellers can ensure 100% Amazon-compliant shipment & save costs. It helps ensure products are of high quality and meet all the standards.

What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Before goods are sent to their destination, a pre-shipment inspection is done by a professional third-party company to check their quality. It is performed when at least 80% of the production is done. This inspection evaluates how well the product works, its performance, how long it lasts, its size, and its overall appearance. Through this process, manufacturers can find out the issues and solve them before sending the goods out. It helps lower the chance of sending out products that don’t work right or don’t meet standards.

Why Quality Control is Essential for Amazon FBA Products

When customers get their orders, how good the product is affects how they see your business and on this basis, they decide whether to buy again or not. So, thorough quality checks help sellers stop negative reviews, and returns, and keep customers trusting them. With complete inspection services, you can make sure each product is top-notch before reaching the customer’s hands.

Also, producing up high-quality products isn’t just about making customers happy. It also keeps you in line with Amazon’s rules and policies, which is important for your business.

Why is a pre-shipment inspection necessary for Amazon FBA Sellers?

The quality of products is very important when shipping products from Amazon. The pre-shipment inspection helps ensure that items meet the standards and helps sellers build a strong reputation.

Quality Control & Customer Satisfaction

Getting products from China means quality can vary. Doing a pre-shipment inspection makes sure your products are in good quality. Happy customers are more likely to give good reviews and tell others about your products. Also, customer usually reads reviews before buying anything, so it’s important to provide high-quality products.

Prevent Costly Returns

Most customers return products because they are damaged or of bad quality. A pre-inspection service provider can help you detect these issues at an early stage and reduce the chances of costly returns.

Mitigate Risks

With careful inspections, manufacturers can find safety problems and get to know if products don’t comply with the standards. This helps them avoid facing legal issues or having to recall products, & ultimately protect their brand’s reputation.

Ensuring Authenticity and Compliance

Fake products are a big concern for Amazon sellers. Pre-shipment inspection services can check if your products are authentic and follow Amazon’s standards and rules.

4 Must-Have Things on Your Amazon FBA Inspection Checklist

Arranging a pre-shipment inspection is important to make sure your products get to Amazon’s warehouses smoothly. Lots of FBA sellers source their products from China, and then they are sent to Amazon to be shipped worldwide. Since this process is big and important, having good quality inspectors is super important for your business to do well. Here’s what you need for your Amazon FBA inspection:

1.      Verified Shipment

This is to make sure that the products you sourced are actually going to the Amazon warehouse for shipping and that they match what you ordered.

2.      Verified Quantity

It is to check & ensure that the number of products match with the amount ordered.

3.      Packaging, Labels and Barcodes

Making sure your products and shipment have the right packaging, labels, and barcodes is important. Amazon needs everything to be correct for them to accept your shipment at their warehouse.

4.      Quality Control Check

Pre-shipment inspections need a quality control check to ensure product meets the desired standards. Quality control checks should include:

  • Ensuring products are free from visual imperfections
  • Ensuring all the items are in good working condition
  • Making sure products are not damaged.
  • They were carrying out extra quality checks like a carton drop test, smell test, color test, function test, internal check, and more.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services by Jonble

For a smooth and reliable inspection process, consider using Jonble pre-shipment inspection services. Known for our commitment to excellence, we provide comprehensive Amazon FBA inspection services customized to meet your business’s specific needs.

Our team of experts will evaluate your products to check whether they are compliant with international standards & requirements.

At Jonble, pre-shipment inspection involves randomly sampling your goods to check if they meet the internationally accepted standard, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1). We then conduct a thorough quality assessment of the selected samples using various product tests and AQL inspection.

Our checklist is customized to fit your specific needs and the quality standards of your target market.

We consider multiple factors during pre-shipment inspection checks like workmanship, quantity, style, colors, labels, weight, dimensions, shipping marks, packaging, and client’s requirements. We perform various tests such as durability, safety tests, etc.

In the End

The quality of your products and compliance with international standards are important for success. Therefore, ensure to conduct a pre-shipment inspection before shipping to Amazon. Taking the help of a trusted service to conduct pre-shipment inspection checks is an important & economically beneficial decision for your brand. It helps you increase sales and maintain customer’s trust.